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What are the major components of SGPMX?
What are the major components of SGPMX?
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SGPMX is built on four major components, which are:

Global Procurement

SGPMX has direct inventory of authenticated precious metals from internationally-recognised mints.

Secured Storage

SGPMX maintains a secure vault at Le Freeport (formerly known as Singapore Freeport). All bullion stored in Le Freeport is fully allocated. Movements into the vaults are tracked by independent Auditors.

Trading Platform

The platform allows individuals, traders and institutions to buy and sell their precious metals with the exchange in real-time. In addition, SGPMX is the only exchange in the world that supports peer-to-peer trading capabilities, expanding traders’ options for liquidity.

Secured Shipment

SGPMX provides secure transport services for the collection and delivery of valuables from customers’ premises to storage vaults and vice versa. This discreet, yet highly secure logistics service is possible with our logistics services provider Malca-Amit.

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