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What makes you so different from other existing players in the market?
What makes you so different from other existing players in the market?
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SGPMX was established to address the problems that come with the ownership of physical precious metals faced by individuals and traders alike. These challenges include difficulty in storing and selling precious metals without incurring high spread margins, among others. Furthermore, most precious metals investment products offered by banks today are still essentially paper backed. Only when the investor chooses to take possession of the metals, is when the bank procures the necessary bullion.

We overcome these challenges by offering a full range of services which address customer demands in four key areas โ€“ buy, sell, trade and store.

SGPMX is the first and only 100% physically backed precious metals trading platform. All uncirculated bullion are sourced directly from mints. Trades within the SGPMX ecosystem are fully allocated and segregated.

This allows for anyone and everyone to start investing in precious metals to diversify their holdings, securely, conveniently, in a vibrant and liquid market.

We are the first exchange that provides a unique peer-to-peer trading capability where members are able to trade physical bars wholly or in fractions.

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