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How do I fund my Trading Account?
How do I fund my Trading Account?
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Step 1
Log in to the SGPMX Exchange Platform at:!/pageHome

Step 2
Click “Top Up Funds”.
You will be directed to the Funding Declaration Form.

Step 3
Select the currency type you would like to top up in and fill in the amount that you wish to deposit.

Be sure to to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions by checking the checkbox, and then click "Submit".

You will then be directed to the Fund Increment page for the funding instructions, and you will also receive an email with the bank details*, reference number, and funding instructions for the TELEGRAPHIC or WIRE TRANSFER. Kindly follow the instructions on that page/email accordingly.

*The details shown will depend on the currency you had selected.

To ensure a smooth transaction…

• Make your wire transfer from your own bank account. SGPMX does not recognize third-party accounts.
• Bank details must match the registered details in SGPMX.
• The amount declared must include the cost of the funds transfer. SGPMX will only reflect the actual amount deposited after the bank charges are deducted from your Trading Account.

Step 4
After you have made your WIRE or TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER at your bank, kindly scan a copy of the transfer receipt or wire-transfer slip, and upload the scan into our system for verification.

To upload the scan, refer to the transaction under the Pending Document Uploads section and click on “Upload”.

NOTE: If you have made more than one Transfer Request in the past, all transfer requests will be listed here.

You will be directed to the Fund Document Upload page.

Step 5
Fill in all the details of the wire or telegraphic transfer into this form and upload the scanned copy of the bank transfer receipt.

Then, click "Submit".

Step 6
Once you have uploaded all the information, SGPMX will reconcile the funds being transferred.

What happens next?
Once the funds have been deposited and verified, you will be notified via email. You will then be able to use the funds in your Trading Account.

NOTE: The final amount available for use may be less than the amount transferred due to the deduction of bank charges.

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