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How to make a fund deposit into my account via bank transfer?
How to make a fund deposit into my account via bank transfer?
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This tutorial shows you how to make the fund deposit request via bank transfer.

Step 1

On the menu, click on "Deposit".

Step 2: Make deposit

Select "Bank transfer". Then, select the currency you would like to deposit in.

Step 3

Make a deposit to the bank details shown in the Deposit page.

Here's an example of the bank details for the currency "USD":

Each currency will display their own bank details. Please ensure to make the deposit to the corresponding currency's bank details.


  • SGPMX does not recognise third party accounts (accounts not registered to your name).

  • The minimum deposit amount is USD 500.00.

Step 4

In the Deposit Details section, enter the following information of your:

  • Your name as per bank records

  • Your bank name

  • Your bank country

  • Your bank account number

  • Top up amount

  • Upload bank transfer receipt - image file formats supported are JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, or PDF (max. 5MB)

Then, click "Submit".

Congratulations, your request is submitted!

Your deposit request will be processed as soon as your funds are received in our bank account. Our system will inform you via email about the transaction. The status will only be reflected in the transaction history once the funds have been processed.


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