When is GST applicable?
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GST is not applied to bullion stored in Le Freeport Singapore secured bonded vaults. However, GST will be applicable to all fees charged by us to you; for example:

  1. 1kg Pamp Suisse Gold Cast Bar x 1 piece : US$ 60,256.90 (no GST)

  2. Trading Fee (0.25%) : US$ 150.64

  3. GST (9%) : US$ 13.56 (GST is only applicable for Trading Fee)

Total : US$ 60,421.11

Should you choose to withdraw the bullion, local GST or duties may apply when shipped to the country of your choice. You will also be required to pay the Singapore GST if you withdraw the non-IPM bullion in Singapore.

Note: A removal service fee, shipping fee, and insurance fee shall apply for each account.

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