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How do I reset my Trading Account password?
How do I reset my Trading Account password?

Forgot your password or would like to change your password?

Updated over a week ago

Step 1

Go to!/pageHome and click “Forgot Password?”.

Step 2

Key in the email address used for your login and click on “REQUEST VERIFICATION CODE”.

You will receive an email. If you do not find it in your Inbox, check your Junk/Spam folder.


Mark emails from as safe emails to make sure you do not miss updates or notifications from us.

Step 3

Key in the One Time Password (OTP) shown in the email.

Note: If you do not receive the OTP, click on “REQUEST VERIFICATION CODE” after the timer has lapsed.

Then, click on “Proceed”.

Step 4

Create your new password.

Then, click "SUBMIT".

Congratulations, you have successfully reseted your password!

You can now login using your new password.

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