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How do I withdraw funds from my Trading Account?
How do I withdraw funds from my Trading Account?
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Step 1
Log in to the SGPMX Exchange Platform at:!/pageHome

Step 2
This is the Dashboard.
Click on the “Withdraw Funds” menu option.

Step 3

  1. Key in the amount to be withdrawn.

  2. Fill out the bank account details for the account to be withdrawn into.

  3. Key in the beneficiary details.

  4. You may check this box if you want to save the Beneficiary’s Bank and Beneficiary’s Details to auto-fill for the next withdrawal request.

  5. Click “Submit” when done.

What happens next?

  • You will receive a confirmation message.

  • The system will send the fund withdrawal request to the admin to be processed.

Additional notes

Any unutilized funds in your SGPMX Trading Account will be re-wired back into your own bank account after 60 days. This is why we require you to fill in your wiring bank details when you first funded your account.

Should you require an extension, kindly make a request in writing 5 days before 60 days deadline. Kindly use the Contact Us form and provide us with your username and your request.

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