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How do I sell my bullion on the Exchange?
How do I sell my bullion on the Exchange?
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Before you can start selling on the SGPMX Exchange, you must first have:

  • Activated and paid your Trading Account Fee ($100).

  • Ensure that you have the necessary bullion stored in the SGPMX Depository.

Step 1
Log in to the SGPMX Exchange Platform at:!/pageHome

Step 2
This is the Dashboard.
Click on the "Sell Products (Offer)" menu option.

Step 3

  1. Key in login details.

  2. Select the Bullion Product that you intend to sell.

  3. Key in your selling/asking price.

  4. Select the number of pieces/units.

  5. Optional: Provide a plus or minus price threshold. Note that any bid that falls within this threshold will be matched.

  6. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

  7. Click “Next”.

Note: The minimum transaction value on SGPMX is US$ 1,000.

Step 4
Please verify all details of your bid.
When you are ready, click “Ask Now”.
If you would like to make a revision to the posting, click “Back”.

What happens next?

  • The system will automatically match your sale price with the buying/bidding prices set by other members of the Exchange. The exchange is a peer-to-peer platform to match orders on a willing buyer/seller basis, thus there may be times when your required price may not be matched.

  • Once there is a match, the sold products will be removed from your Inventory and funds will be credited into your Trading Account.

As an alternative, we may assist you to find a seller based on your sell order accordingly by contacting us at

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